RELEASED: 20th May 2013
ARTIST: Delta Mainline
LABEL: Rehab Sound Recordings
PRODUCER: Delta Mainline / David McAulay
Oh! Enlightened

Debut album “Oh! Enlightened” was released in May 2013 through Rehab Sound (UK) and Halcyon Records (North America), after being engineered and co-produced by David McAulay at Chem 19 Studios and mastered at Universal Studios CanadaThe release coincided with a UK headline tour and live session on BBC Radio Scotland with Vic Galloway.

The Scotsman: “A most impressive debut ★★★★★” [link] // “Delta Mainline are proving a favourite on Lauren Laverne’s 6 Music show . . . a collection of songs which should be listened to at maximum volume” [link]

Artrocker: “A real ear blowing treat . . . a forward thinking and original rock record. ★★★★”

The Daily Express: “A staggeringly accomplished debut album. ★★★★”

The Daily Star: “Bold and adventurous . . . The instrumentation and production qualities are superb. ★★★★”

God Is in the TV Zine: “One of the best debuts of the year ★★★★” [link]

The Irish Times: “Brace yourself: bliss this way comes. ★★★★” [link]

Q Magazine: “Owes a debt to the grandeur of the Bunnymen or Arcade Fire . . . strong songs, David McLachlan’s moony vocals and adept work from producer-engineer Davey McAulay.”

R2 Magazine: “Hits the jackpot quite triumphantly . . . the further the album progresses, the closer it comes to attaining nirvana. ★★★★”

Uncut Magazine: “Impressive debut . . . The key is variety and a full utilisation of their numbers.”

Echoes and Dust: “An album that astounds with every play . . . An outstanding debut.” [link]

Jim Gellatly (The Scottish Sun): “Beautifully layered, and creating some glorious soundscapes, it’s a confident affair from a band at the top of their game.” [link]

Loud-Stuff: “It’s impossible to resist the music they’ve come up with. From start to finish this is an album which pushes the boundaries of different genres.”

The Midlands Rocks: “Such a bold statement of intent that I had to double-check my sources to make sure that it was indeed a debut . . . Huge; Dark; Emotive; Beautiful; Ambitious.” [link]

The Skinny: “A bold, ambitious and at times genuinely impressive first album.”

Tuppence Magazine: “Stunning . . . A potential classic.” [link]

A Music Blog, Yea?: “Drenched in psychedelic pop and blissful melodies, Delta Mainline’s debut offering Oh! Enlightened is excellent to say the least.” [link]

The Tidal Wave of Indifference: “Gloriously out of step with the rest of Scottish music, Delta Mainline’s off-kilter psychedelic pop would be more at home in LA. Specifically late ‘60s LA . . . utterly glorious.”


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